• End of Tenancy Agreement                                                                                                    
  • Commercial Cleaning 
  •  Education, Event Companies                                                                                                        
  • Facility Management 
  • Hotel, Restaurant 
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  • Carpet Cleaning 

End of Tenancy Agreement          

Reses cleaning limited ensures that pre and post change cleaning will be made with care to ensure that the dwelling you left will be found in a perfect state of cleanliness and that your new home will be ready to receive your  the new tenant with all the clean spaces and Sanitized In this context, Roses Housekeeping teams work to make your home perfect, to minimize the stress of change.

Office Cleaning

The methods of cleaning developed by Roses Cleaning equipment can be the solution for your office dust and dirty problem, we have developed an economical and versatile office cleaning service ready to serve any need. Our office cleaning can be done during your working hours, before or after the office opens and ensure that your space will be effectively cleaned and sanitized so that everyone feels good. We always work with the objective of exceeding your expectations, and we will do everything to enhance the value of your workspace. We always build our relationship with the client on a basis of mutual trust, with Prime Clean always have a cleaning service of their offices developed rigorously so that everything from the windows to the front door of your office, everything is pleasant, comfortable And inviting to the projection of good business. If you are looking for an inexpensive, excellent and innovative office cleaning service, contact us now for an office cleaning budget.

 Education, Event Companies      

we work so that all the different spaces that a school or nursery contains are cleaned and we guarantee hygiene and safety for all users, giving them notoriety and reference in quality to all their occupants.

If you want quality cleaning at an affordable price for your explanatory center, kindergarten, nursery or school space contact Reses Cleaning.

   Residential Common Areas, Hotel, Restaurant 

we use cleaning method is eco-friendly. All details have been designed to ensure your safety and satisfaction, as well as to reduce the impact on the environment. We use proprietary concentrated and biodegradable products that are free of harmful chemicals and reuse the cleaning product containers so as not to produce any plastic waste that is harmful to the environment. We use long-lasting microfiber cleaning cloths and mops that produce electrostatic energy when passing through surfaces and have the ability to attract and retain dirt, dust, and bacteria. We only have electrical equipment like vacuum cleaners, steam machines and other of the best brands, selected to ensure the best work and a low energy consumption.

Commercial Cleaning 

We operate in several areas and commercial spaces of small and large size, with commercial cleaning solutions suitable to the diverse needs of each of our clients. We clean buildings of small and great height with solutions for the cleaning of facades of buildings, using glass washers and industrial mountaineering techniques. If necessary we sell and replace your consumables and carry out the entire pest control service.